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Voot RODEO Boot Shapers

For Sturdy Mid-Calf Boots

Rodeo is just right for motorcycle boots, work boots, and any other sturdy mid-calf boot. 
Weight: 1.2 oz. (34g) per shaper Measurements: 12.6" x 8.5" (32 x 21.6 cm)Color: Clear semi-transparent 4 individual boot inserts (2 pairs) per package
• Made in USA• Say goodbye to unsightly and damaging creases• Just slip Voot into your boots and it does its thing• Perfected design maintains optimum boot-preserving tension• Ventilated to keep boots moisture- and odor-free• Made of non-toxic, long-lasting material..
1 set = 4 boot shapers
Color: Clear semi-transparent
Item Fit / Dimensions: 12.6" x 8.5" (32 x 21.6 cm)
Made In: United States
Shipped From: United States