Reflective Sticker Set - Minions – Ga.
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Reflective Sticker Set - Minions

Reflective Sticker Set - Minions

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Our reflective sticker sets are the best - literally! The reflective side is done with phthalate free 3M Scotchlite, adhesive is the 3M’s most strongest tape meant for canvas, naturally our stickers are EN13356 certified. These stickers are not re-sticky. We do recommend to read the user manual carefully before starting to use this product. No doubt, it is the best product for children - it does not get lost, it cannot be forgotten home - it is always there, keeping your child safe.
Sticker sets consist of two or more reflective stickers. On some sets not all stickers are EN13356 certified. This information  is always marked on label of the sticker sets. The smallest one (ones) are reflective accessories and we recommend to use them with certified product. 

This product is the best on back bags, laptop bags, rain boots, raincoats, regular outerwear.
Note! Product you can buy here is set of Two Minions. Both figures are EN13356 certified. All other photos are illustrative only.